Datagnition: Bloomberg & terminal for cryptotraders
  • Bitcoin
  • Lightning Network
  • Liquid Sidechain

How it works

We create a network listener and data collector for layers 1 and 2 of public blockchains in order to gather and analyze real-time data on hidden parts of transactions.


The actual know how is in the way we apply Machine Learning algorithms to data gathering and analysis, especially those that work on the 2nd layer of public blockchains.

You can think of our system as of Bloomberg console for cryptotrading and historical data analytics.

What you get

Free access to a web console

Get access to assymetric information and outperform competitors by being faster and knowing more about upcoming market movements

Easy APIs

Enhance your trading algorithms by using our subscription-based smart-API solutions

More money and trust

Show sophistication and obtain a great advantage over other cryptotraders and cryptofunds

Contact Us

Write us to get an early access to the system